Wooden windowsarea perfect combinationof designand functionality.They areuniversally applicablebothin the renovation ofold buildingsandthe construction ofnew homes andflats.The materials used for theproductionare characterized byuniquequalitiesthat reveal thebeautyand nobility ofwoodwhich meansthat they cansatisfyeach customer.
For windowswe use the highest quality3-plyplywood:
  • Pine
  • Meranti
  • Oak.
To ensureshigh production we take advantage of the CNC machine that providesrepeatability of components and correctfitting ofthe wingto the frame. Thanks to theappropriate set ofseals andsingle ordoubleglazingwith lowheat conductivityand highsound absorptionour windowsgetverytight. Thanks to water paints ( Sikkens) our solid wood windows have long-termdurability and highqualities. Byapplyingthree layers(primer, under coatand top coat) the final coatingis resistantto UV radiation andchanging weather conditions. We usethreefitting systems:
  • Roto NT
  • Roto NT Designo
  • Roto Patio Life (do okien przesuwnych)
At therequestof our customers, weuse hand- made Viennagrillsandtrims onswingwings. We offer technical advice, measuring and installationby our professional assembly team.
We invite youto visit the gallerywhere you can find more images of our windows.