Somapolis a companywith a long traditionof carpentryand alsoa modernfacilitywithmodern machinery. We have derived pride and joy of good reputation since the foundation.Our products are manufacturedto matcheach elementto the requirementsof our customers, we provide you withthecomprehensive adviceand support inareas related to themain businessof the company.
With years of experiencein workingin wood,we can offercustomers awide range of suitable solutions, helping them from the beginning to the end.We are alsoproud of the factthat wemake improvementsthat protectour environment.For example,organicadhesives, varnishes and water paintswith a low contentof volatile particleswhichhave aneutral impacton the environment. Our team consists ofengineers,wood technology, master ofcarpentry, and craftsmen whocan handleeven with themost difficult task. We havethedesigners andartprofessionalswho are able tocombinethe practicalrequirementsofexceptional beautyand artisticexecution.However, the biggestvalue of our company, is theabilityof cooperationbetween designers andcraftsmen whoshape theproduct meeting thecustomer'sexpectations.